Lady Mahasin

International Model


Radio Personality

Motivational Speaker

Beauty Expert

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Start your day with "Daily Inspirations" 

              by Lady Mahasin

As a Motivational Speaker

Lady Mahasin has walked

the walk.  She says

"Believe in yourself,

Develop your Gifts,

Have  faith in God

and you will see

those closed

doors will open".

Charity -Women On The Move - Now


"One of my greatest joys is giving back"

says Lady Mahasin. 

She founded Women On the Move Now 

over 15 years ago. WOM-N is Lady Mahasin's way

to empower single parent -women,

battered women and  especially the kids.

WOM-N has two main events eachyear. 

*Back2 School , supplying kids with tools

needed for education and clothing.

*Toyz for Kidz Christmas Event

If you would like to donate or join

please contact us :

Purchase your C.D.


$10.00- Free Shipping

Lady Mahasin,

knew at a young age 

she would travel the world.

And she did just that

Modeling, Hosting and


Lady Mahasin

believes we all should

"Dare to Live to Live Our Dreams"